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NEW BLOG | Paul Willis is back to talk about the Dirty Dozen and a clean sweep of our streets!

A few years ago during a conversation with our Cleansing Manager, we mused on how much easier it would be to clean the streets without parked cars in the way.

As I had good relations with our Parking Services team, I thought I would ask whether we could do this and was very pleased when they agreed. We decided to kick off with a few streets to see whether the concept would work and the idea of the Dirty Dozen, chosen from nominations by the public, was implemented.

This simple idea was so effective that soon we were receiving nominations from all over. The original dozen has now grown to a year-round programme of more than 120 streets across the district.

It’s unthinkable now that we could deal with this perennial problem in any other way and I’m indebted to the NSL parking team and local residents for helping us make this happen.

The idea of the deep cleans is to use additional machinery and cleaning staff to carry out mechanical sweeps of the street and to remove as much detritus from the gutter as possible to improve drainage and minimise localised flooding.

The busiest time of the year, as you might expect, is during the autumn when we have a comprehensive programme targeting streets with a lot of trees. The sight of a full crew in operation is quite impressive and I’m always amazed by the results they achieve.

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Deep cleansing – Adur & Worthing Councils